Shipwreck locations

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Giuseppe Dezza

The ship entered the service of the Italian Navy in December 1915 under the name "Pilade Bronzetti" as a modern fast destroyer. It had three tall narrow chimneys, so sailors called it "Three Pipes" from miles or from the mantle.


Baron Gautsch

Austrian passenger steamship was regularly travelling on the route Trieste – Kotor – Trieste. Its last voyage started from Kotor's harbour in today's Monte Negro heading for Trieste, Italy.


Hans Schmidt

The cargo ship Hans Schmidt (ex Albireo) carries the name of its last owner from Germany. This cargo steamship got halved into two pieces by a naval mine explosion, in January of 1943.

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This Italian merchant steamship sunk in the North Adriatic while carrying cargo from Sfax, Tunisia to Venice, Italy. Due to a heavy storm coming, capitan Carlo Mortola decided to take shelter in Pula's harbour.


Fisherman's boat

This small fisherman's boat sunk in Fažana's channel around 30 to 40 years ago. The boat's name remains unknown.



This wreck was found less than a year ago. The ship found is believed to be called Velmon but this has not yet been confirmed. More on that in the near future.


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