History of Baron Gautsch

Austrian passenger steamship was regularly travelling on the route Trieste – Kotor – Trieste. Its last voyage started from Kotor's harbour in today's Monte Negro heading for Trieste, Italy.

About 7 nautical miles outside theBrijuni islands, the steamship ended in the enemy's minefield. The ship hit a naval mine withits left side and sunk very quickly.

At the time 246 passengers were on board (data doesn't include children younger than 10 years and military officials) of which 148 passengers and 31 military officials were saved.

The shipwreck lais in an upright position on the sandy seabed. It is protected by theCroatian Ministry of culture who manages scuba diving permissions. For safety reasons entering the wreck is only allowed through the first two decks.

Gallery of Baron Gautsch

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