History of Giuseppe Dezza

The ship entered the service of the Italian Navy in December 1915 under the name "Pilade Bronzetti" as a modern fast destroyer. It had three tall narrow chimneys, so sailors called it "Three Pipes" from miles or from the mantle.

Pilates Bronzetti performed the task of monitoring merchant ships in Greek waters. For political reasons, on 16 January 1921 he changed his name to "Giuseppe Dezza" and for the next twenty years participated in the training programs of various categories of Italian Navy seamen.

With the capitulation of Italy in 1943, it became the property of the German Navy, and in 1944 entered German service under the code TA-35 and performed escort escorts along the Dalmatian coast.

Not far from the Brijuni Islands in 1944, he encountered an anchor mine. The boat is halved and the bow and stern lie at the bottom about 60 m apart. The most attractive part is the stern, with the well preserved stern cannon. The boat lies at the bottom in the correct position (on the keel).

Gallery of Giuseppe Dezza

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