Frequently asked questions

1What is the age limit for scuba diving?
The minimum age required is 10 years old whilst there is no limit for the maximum age. A yearly medical examination is advised for those older than 55.
2Do I need a medical certificate in order to do a scuba diving course?
A medical certificate is optional but not mandatory. Before every course, all students must read and sign an official statement and fill a form from the SSI diving association.
3I am an individual with a scuba diving license but I don't have a buddy, can I still join the guided tours?
Of course. Many divers come individually and are then conveniently paired up by our diving guides during dive briefing.
4I have a diving certificate but haven't been diving for a while, what now?
If you haven't been diving for more than a year we always advise to do a „Refresher dive“ which consists of a short dive from the coast with a dive guide. During this session, we go through two basic exercises (regulator recovery and mask clearing) as well as an unavoidable check of the weight that is necessary to be carried out to ensure that the buoyancy for the next dive is perfect. All this is done so that your next boat dive can be enjoyable and stress free.
5I would like to finish the theoretical part of the course from home, what should I do?
In order to gain access to the learning materials, an advance payment of 960 kn (135 €) will have to be paid to Caretta’s Diving Centre account. This amount will then be deducted from the total cost of the course upon arrival. Then visit the web page and click Login (Myssi) in the upper right corner. When a new window opens, just click on „No login data? Get registered now“, fill in your personal data and choose Caretta Diving as your training centre. We will then give you full access to the learning materials that will remain yours after the course.
6When I snorkel and try to dive my ears start to hurt, can I scuba dive nonetheless?
The discomfort felt in the ears while diving deeper usually occurs as a result of not equalizing or improper pressure equalizing techniques. Diving with scuba gear gives you the opportunity to dive slower, giving you more time to equalize the pressure in your ears step by step.